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This is your passport to the WILDERNESS! You came to Alaska to see wildlife, wilderness and majestic scenery. This is your chance!

Take a comfortable fishing or sightseeing trip aboard one of our 28 foot pontoon boats on beautiful and serene Chilkoot Lake and you are on a voyage of discovery. You are guaranteed to see the American Bald Eagle in its natural habitat. Chilkoot Lake is the year-round nesting site of dozens of Bald Eagles. Looking for something more exciting? Then check out our Screamin' Eagle Airboats!

Make sure you bring lots of film to document your adventure. You may also see wild salmon spawning in glacier-fed streams and rivers around the lake, grizzly bears feeding on the salmon, Black bears foraging in the avalanche cuts and hillsides, mountain goats clinging to the craggy peaks surrounding the lake or moose browsing in the marshy areas or even swimming in the frigid water to escape predators like wolves and bears.

Alaskan scenery can't be matched. Mountains, glaciers, rain forests, rivers, lakes, salt water fjords and abundant wildlife. Haines has it all.

Haines "the most beautiful place on the face of the earth" is everything you dreamed Alaska would be. Use the Eagle's Nest Motel in Haines as a base of operations and visit three state parks, Glacier Bay National Park, British Columbia, the Yukon Territory and Skagway. Multiple fishing lakes and rivers are all within a days reach of Haines.

Alaska's top features are all close to Haines, wildlife watching, American Bald Eagles, scenic beauty and historic artifacts are all here, connected to the Alaska Highway system. Begin your journey with us, then follow the path of 1898 gold miners and their historical tales.

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